Nepal safe for travelling

Kathmandu, March 27:

Indian tourists from XLRI Jamshedpur, School of Business and Human Resources India, have commented that even remote areas in Nepal are safe to travel.

Students of XLRI Leadership Expedition 2006 from Jamshedpur, who became the first expedition team to visit Mount Everest Base Camp from Indian business schools have commented that Nepal possesses wonderful natural beauty coupled with peaceful environment. Leader of the expedition team, Abhinav Anand talking to journalists, said that Nepal needs to promote itself in the Indian market as it holds tremendous potentials. He was pleased with the wonderful adventure and self-actualisation by trekking in Everest Base Camp.

The 18-member students’ team from XLRI expedition team commented that Everest Base Camp is known internationally and is considered as one of most challenging trekking routes. The tea-m was here under the sponsorship of Care India, Tata Steel Adventure Foundation.

Speaking at the programme Aditya Baral, senior official at Nepal Tourism Board, said that tourism is reeling under severe problems and the visit by a group of Indian students will send a good message when they get back home.

Similarly, Dr Om Sitaula, who is the first Nepali graduate from XLRI, India said that the experience gained by XLRI students will help other to boost both states’ tourism.