Nepal Telecom tops in transaction

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom (NT) topped the chart both in terms of transaction amount and number of share units traded this week — with Rs 9.28 million for 17,000-unit of shares, but it could neither save Nepse nor the others sub-group that has NT under its belt. The others sub-group dropped by 17.62 points to close at 640.32 points from last Thursday’s closing of 657.94 points.

Of the nine sub-groups,

only the hydropwer group

that gained this week — adding 7.12 points to reach 821.07 points from last week’s closing of 813.95 points.

However, development banks, others, commercial banks, finance and insurance sub-groups plunged, pulling Nepse down by 8.39 points to 601.16 points from last week’s closing of 609.55 points.

Development banks lost a whopping 35 points to 624.72 points. Others and commercial banks lost 17.62 points and 11.75 points to drop to 640.32 points and 583.88 points respectively. The books closure of Everest Bank dragged down the commercial banks sub-group. The finance and insurance sub-groups shed 2.55 points and 0.03 points to drop to 624.72 points and 609.29 points, respectively.

Three sub-groups — trading, hotels and manufacturing — did not see any trading

this week that unlike regular five-day trading witnessed

only two-day trading due

to festivals.

During the two-day trading, only 67 companies saw their shares traded as against the 93 companies shares traded during the last five-day week. The minimal trading days also made the trading amount plunge by five times to Rs 73.23 million this week from last week’s Rs 370.10 million.

The Group-A companies’ contribution — in overall trading — also dropped to 44.89 per cent from last week’s 56.48 per cent while the 78-scrip sensitive index — a barometer of Group-A companies — lost 1.90 points to drop to 151.77 points from the earlier closing of 153.67 points. The float index — calculated on the basis of real transactions — also dropped by 0.68 point to drop to 57.48 points from the earlier closing of 58.16 points.

Standard Chartered Bank Nepal followed NT in terms of transaction, with Rs 9.17 million. Standard Finance

with Rs 4.08 million, Nepal SBI Bank with Rs 3.76 million

and Nabil Bank with Rs 3.02 million managed to come in the top five slots.

In terms of number of

transactions Pashupati Development Bank topped the

chart with 254 transactions

this week.

This week, 57.5-million-unit of development bonds were listed in the secondary market but these bonds till date have not seen any trading.