Most Nepali workers flock to Malaysia

Kathmandu, November 28

More than one-third of Nepali migrant workers have chosen Malaysia as their working destination in the first quadrimester (mid-July to mid-November) of current fiscal year, 2017-18.

Out of the total 112,298 migrant workers who went out of the country in this period, 42,444 chose Malaysia as their destination, which is 37.8 per cent of the total number. In the same period of last fiscal year, 24,410 migrant workers had gone to Malaysia.

The total number of migrant workers decreased by 3,954 people when compared to the same period of last year. In the first quadrimester of last fiscal, a total of 116,252 Nepali workers left the country for jobs.

According to data maintained by the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE), Qatar was the second most preferred destination in the review period, absorbing 26,799 Nepali workers. Qatar had been the top destination till last year. However, after the diplomatic rift with its neighbouring countries, Nepali workers have shifted their preference to Malaysia.

In the same period of last fiscal year, Qatar had received 37,358 Nepalis while Malaysia had absorbed only 24,410 workers from Nepal.

UAE stood in the third position, receiving 19,216 workers from Nepal. Likewise, 15,333 Nepali workers left for Saudi Arabia and 4,605 workers chose Kuwait as their working destination in the review period.

Meanwhile, the number of migrant workers increased on a monthly basis. As per DoFE, 24,569 migrant workers had taken final approval in the month between mid-September and mid-October while 28,522 migrant workers took the permit in between mid-October and mid-November.

In the fourth month of the fiscal, 351 Nepali workers reached South Korea through Employment Permit System of Korea. Out of them, 341 were male and 10 were female.

Top five destinations







Saudi Arabia




                                               Source: DoFE