Kathmandu, July 29:

Propelled by the commercial banks, hotels, development banks and finance company groups, Nepse today crossed 1000 points to record 1001.99, a growth by 18.92 points or 1.12 per cent from yesterday’s closing of 983.07 points.

The sensetive index also posted a growth of 5.23 points or 2.01 per cent to 265.22 points from yesterday’s closing. The Nepse this week opened in the green zone and continuously flared for the second day and third day, today, to cross 1000-point mark. Earlier, the Nepse had crossed 1065-point in the starting of 2008.

Except hydropower group, other groups posted gain. The commercial banks’ grou-ps gained 24.11 points to 1038.18 points from yesterday’s closing. Similarly, hotels, development banks and finance groups gained 2.01 points to 341.56 points, 32.84 points to 1420.91 points and 11.83 points to 1152.62 points from yesterday’s closing.

The sole secondary market, Nepal Stock Exchange Ltd also witnessed trading of a total of 1,55,178 shares. The market capitalisation today has been recorded at Rs 3,87,039.49 million.