KATHMANDU: Commercial banks, others and hydropower sub-groups saved Nepse from sliding below 600 points.
They pushed up Nepse by 13.18 points to 627.97 points from Sunday’s opening of 604.65 points.
Of the nine sub-groups — commercial banks gained a whopping 21.91 points to rise to 626.56 points, others sub-group gained 12.92 points to reach 657.94 points and hydropower sub-group gained 4.69 points to reach 833.25 points. Four sub-groups lost this week and two others — hotels and manufacturing — did not see any trading of their shares this week.
The week started in
the green but Nepse
lost points to settle at 627.97 points.
National Hydropower topped in terms of transaction amount as its shares were traded at Rs 75.04 million. Standard Chartered Bank Nepal followed while NIC Bank, Bank of Kathmandu and Nabil Bank were in the top five slot, respectively.
In terms of number of share units traded also, National Hydropower led with 8,42,000-unit shares tradeds. In terms of number of transactions Pashupati Development Bank led with 439 transactions.
However, transaction amount decreased by 9.46 percent this week against last week’s increase of 40.08 per cent to Rs 483.89 million. Group-A companies’ contribution also dropped to 48.75 per cent against last week’s 70.71 per cent. The 78-scrip sensitive index gained 3.10 points to 160.52 points. The float index rose to 59.70 points.