Nepse in bullish trend, up 32 points

Kathmandu, December 23

The domestic share market has sent a wave of hope to investors as it recorded a double-digit rise today, the opening day of the week. The Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index rose by 2.77 per cent or 32.24 points to close day at 1,198.18 points.

“The government has pledged to look into our demands for the betterment of Nepse and address them, which has increased confidence of share investors in country’s sole secondary bourse,” said Uttam Aryal, chairman of Investors Association of Nepal.

Along with the Nepse index, the sensitive index, which measures the performance of class ‘A’ stocks, also went up by 2.95 per cent or 7.31 points to 255.38 points. The float index that measures the performance of shares actually traded also rose by 2.85 per cent or 2.42 points to rest at 87.26 points for the day.

Similarly, among the 11 subgroups at Nepse, only the manufacturing sub-index landed in the red zone today, decreasing by 0.27 per cent or 6.05 points to 2,230.24 points, while the trading subgroup did not witness any transaction.

The non-life insurance sub-index led the pack of gainers today soaring by 5.97 per cent or 318.02 points to land at 5,644.60 points. It was followed by microfinance subgroup, which increased by 4.82 per cent or 63.75 points to rest at 1,386.55 points.

Similarly, the life insurance sub-index grew by 4.57 per cent or 247.33 points to 5,654.81 points.

Likewise, the hotels subgroup expanded by 3.74 per cent or 63.92 points to 1,772.29 points and the banking subgroup ascended by 2.43 per cent or 24.92 points to land at 1,050.82 points. Additionally, the others sub-index increased by 2.38 per cent or 17.29 points to 742.92 points.

Meanwhile, the hydropower subgroup went up by 2.18 per cent or 26.16 points to land at 1,228.68 points. Moreover, development banks sub-index also ascended by 1.95 per cent or 28.64 points to 1,496.48 points and the finance subgroup climbed up by 0.83 per cent or 4.93 points to 599.83 points for the day.