Kathmandu, June 14:

Though the total transaction amount decreased by 13.05 per cent to Rs 573.65 million from last week’s Rs 659.76 million, the Nepse registered a growth of 45.45 points to 930.65 points from last week’s closing of 885.20 points.

Unlike last week when Nepse had recorded a whopping growth of 52.02 points to 885.20 points, this week the sole secondary market index recorded 45.45 points leaving a cue that the Nepse is looking upwards to 1000-point mark, once again.

This week the companies listed under A-category contributed 76.06 per cent in the total transactions. The sensitive index — an index of the A-category companies — surged by 10.50 points to 243.48 points from last week’s closing of 232.98 points.

Like last week, this week too, the secondary market ended in the green zone on four-day — except on Tuesday — among the five-day session in a week. On Sunday, the Nepse surged by 25.62 points to 910.82 points from last week’s closing of 885.20 points. The market was closed 15 minutes earlier.

Similarly, on Monday, it posted a growth of 13.83 points to 924.65 points. However, on Tuesday, the Nepse plunged by 9.62 points to 915.03 points. On Wednesday, it rebounced by 8.14 points to 923.17 points. On Thursday, the last day of trading in the domestic market, the Nepse flared by 7.48 points to close the weekly trading at 930.65 points.

In terms of monetary value, Bank of Kathmandu (with Rs 56.17 million), Nepal Bangladesh Bank (with Rs 47.09 million), Sanima Bikas Bank (with Rs 38.14 million), Development Credit Bank (with Rs 29.92 million) and Nepal Investment Bank (with Rs 25.40 million) are this week’s top five gainers.

In terms of numbers of share units traded, Nepal Bangladesh Bank topped the chart with 45,000-unit of its shares being traded this week, while Biratlaxmi Development Bank topped the chart in terms of number transaction with 258 transactions.

Altogether 76 companies, out of total listed companies, saw their shares being traded at the sole secondary market this week.

The most important group — considered the backbone of the capital market the worldover — manufacturing group did not see any transaction this week too. However, commercial banks, development banks, hydropower and insurance groups propelled the Nepse as usual. Last week, the finance company group was in red but this week it also posted growth.

The hotel group ended in the negative territory this week, too. Hotel group lost 3.35 points to 394.07 points from last week’s closing of 397.42 points.

The finance company group flared by 47.87 points to 1083.29 points from last week’s closing of 1035.42 points. Similarly, commercial banks group registered 53.37 points growth to 951.33 points from last week’s closing of 897.96 points while, development bank group surged by 67.05 points to 1207.04 points from last week’s closing of 1139.99 points.

Trading, insurance and hydropower groups also posted growth to 213.40 points, 844.88 points and 1256.78 points, respectively.