Nepse permits WAN trading

Kathmandu, October 16:

Brokers have started trading through Wide Area Network (WAN). Due to the extended facility, now stock brokers donot have to go to the Nepse floor, they can place order, sell or buy shares from their office.

In the first-phase; some brokers — stock broker nu-mber 19, Umesh Regmi, st-arted from the day before; stock broker number 14, from yesterday; and stock broker number 11 is starting from tomorrow. Stock broker number 28 and 32 started trading from today.

“The brokers, who have pre-requisites, according to Nepse’s guidance, will get access,” says Rewat Bahadur Karki, managing director of the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse), adding that within one month Nepse will provide real time information and will work towards making online trading possible.

“It will be lot easier to work from the office, cli-ents can get immediate inf-ormation, can be better se-rved, and orders can be pl-aced immediately,” said Rabindra Pradhan, a broker, who started trading via WAN from today.

Agreed Umesh Regmi, the first broker, who started trading via WAN “Clients get better service and it saves our time.”

However, Nepse has set some basic pre-requisites for trading from office via WAN. A broker must have a price-board, separate rooms along with separate computers for clients, order entry, settlement and must provide up-to-date information to the clients like in the Nepse floor.

“The broker must have a separate trading room, wh-ere investors should not h-ave any access,” Karki said.