The new look of Gorkha Beer unveiled

Kathmandu, March 24

Gorkha Brewery Pvt Ltd has introduced the fresh new look of Gorkha Beer with the same great taste. The new upgraded label carries a strong association with Gorkha soldiers, as per a media release issued today. The new label has a silhouette imagery of Gorkha soldiers.

“The Gorkha soldiers are known to be brave, which is portrayed on the beer’s new label with the new slogan

‘Dedicated to the Brave’,” the release adds.

This fresh look is depicted as a symbol of Nepal’s national pride as the label describes the story of bravery and resilience shown by the legendary Gorkha soldiers.

As the largest brewer in Nepal, Gorkha Brewery is highly optimistic and confident about keeping up with the

momentum to be strongly innovative which, in turn, is expected to be a driving force for growth in the market.

Gorkha Beer was launched in Nepal in May 2006 to cater to tourists who prefer high quality premium local beer and also to export it to various countries, where consumers seek special, local Nepali beer. Gorkha has been authentically brewed with pure larger malt, water, hops and yeast with a perfect blend of dry richness, liveliness, sweetness and hops subtleness.