New road star on horizon

KATHMANDU: Goldfish international Pvt Ltd launched Megelli, a completely new brand created in the UK, on Sunday.

Megelli has presented three new 150cc motorcycles — Megelli150R, Megelli150M and Megelli150S, said the company. GFI

has introduced a new line of 150cc motorcycles with a wicked combination of street

style and performance, created from

the ground up with aim of achieving a brand with a ‘must have factor’ combining quality, reliability and value.

A prospective customer after visiting the showroom gushed, “Looks do what they can, beauty does what it must. Megelli motorcycles are completely stunning and have great performance. It’s the bike with the overall package one has been looking for.”

Booking for the Megelli opened today at the Megelli showroom in Teku.