NIC Bank debit card

KATHMANDU: NIC Bank — a pioneer in providing innovative services — has launched ‘NIC Visa debit card’.

It will be issued to any person maintaining a current or savings account with the bank.

It is accepted at more than 300,000 outlets

and 20,000 ATMs in Nepal and India.

Cardholders can withdraw cash from any ATM up to Rs 25,000 at a time and up to Rs 100,000 in a day. Purchases can be made for up to Rs 500,000 per day at any merchant establishment through POS machines without any service charge.

NIC Visa Debit Card can be had at any of NIC Bank branch. The Bank will also be launching International NIC VISA Debit Card shortly.

NIC Bank has been in the forefront in launching innovative & superior products with unique customer friendly features with immense success and believes in continuously offering new and value added services to customers with commitment to quality and value to clients.