NIDC Capital Markets allots PDB shares

KATHMANDU: NIDC Capital Markets allotted the primary shares of

Public Development Bank (PDB) today.

Around 27,161 applicants — including 60 employees of

PDB — got the 600,000-unit

primary shares of the development bank.

PDB had received a total of 10,6679 applications seeking 1,70,28,440-unit shares. The bank floated its 60,000-unit

Initial Public Offering (IPO) with Rs 100 face value per unit from June 28 to July 1. NIDC Capital Markets allotted it on the 50th day of the closing of the public issue.

According to the IPO Regulation, the primary issue must be allotted between a minimum of 40 days and a maximum of 70 days after closing of the issue — depending on number of applications. PDB’s shares were allotted within 50 days as it received 1,06,679 applicantions.

According to PDB managing director and chairman Kunj Bihari Kayal, it has posted Rs 1.11 million net profit during the fiscal year 2008-09.