NRA fails to introduce PDRF on time

Kathmandu, April 22

It’s now confirmed that the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) will not be able to introduce Post Disaster Recovery Framework (PDRF) within the stipulated deadline.

Earlier, the NRA had pledged to launch PDRF, a blueprint for post-earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation works in the next five years, within April 24.

After it started falling behind the deadline, it had said it would come up with a summary report on the PDRF within the deadline.

“It appears we won’t even be able to introduce the summary report on April 24 because the steering committee, led by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, has asked the NRA to revise the draft report,” said a senior NRA official.

To make amendments to the draft of the document, the NRA has formed a two-member committee under NRA CEO Sushil Gyewali and Vice Chairman of the National Planning Commission, Yubaraj Khatiwada.

“The committee has been given three weeks to complete its work,” the official said.

Earlier, CEO Gyewali had said that the NRA has already collected relevant data and information to frame the PDRF. “We have also interacted with all ministries and donor agencies to prepare the document,” he had said.

The PDRF will consist of two volumes. The first volume of the PDRF will contain a summary, while the second volume will contain thematic material.

Introduction of the PDRF is important because it will guide all works related to reconstruction and rehabilitation in the next five years. This document will also set milestones for different sectors, spell out funding needs, identify resource gap and name agencies that will have to roll out various projects and programmes in coordination with the NRA.

“It will also explain works we need to perform in education and health sectors and other areas such as infrastructure development and reconstruction of heritage sites. The document will also talk about improving livelihood of people living in disaster-hit zones and recommend ways to help local economies make a recovery,” Gyewali said, adding, “The PDRF is a comprehensive document which will not only focus on physical infrastructure development but socio-economic development as well.”

Special contact office

KATHMANDU: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has opened a special contact office in Sindhupalchowk district to coordinate various works related to post-earthquake reconstruction and rehabilitation works. The NRA had selected Sindhupalchowk to open the special office considering huge losses, both human and physical, suffered by the district.