NRA removes 62,849 names from list of housing grant beneficiaries

Kathmandu, July 23

The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has removed the names of 62,849 beneficiaries who did not sign an agreement for the housing grant within the stipulated timeframe.

Earlier, the NRA had requested the beneficiaries who had not signed the housing grant agreement to do so within July 6, and take the first tranche within July 16.

Releasing a press statement today, NRA informed that 57,309 beneficiaries did not sign the agreement for the grant that they were eligible for. Out of the total 826,933 identified beneficiaries for the housing grant, NRA informed that the housing grant agreement was signed with only 769,624 households. Meanwhile, out of the total households with which NRA inked the agreement, 5,540 households never claimed the grant.

Joint Spokesperson for NRA, Manohar Ghimire, said that the authority has removed the names of the beneficiaries who did not sign the agreement and also those who did not claim even the first tranche of the grant.

“NRA has directed the related agencies to stop providing grant to those who have not signed the agreement or claimed the first tranche of the housing grant,” informed Ghimire.

However, NRA informed that the beneficiaries who have not inked an agreement for the house grant yet and those who have not taken the first tranche till date can submit an application at the responsible agencies if he or she can present a logical explanation for the delay in signing the agreement and claiming the tranche.