NRNA prez urges govt to make investor-friendly ambience

KATHMANDU: Non-Resident Nepalis’ Association (NRNA) president Dr Upendra Mahato today urged the government to create an investment-friendly environment for NRNs to invest in the economical and social sectors here.

Speaking during a programme organised at Reporters’ Club here, he said, “Peace is not possible without development.” Peace and development are the two sides of the same coin, he said adding that in order to develop the country there should be a state of peace and security first.

“Unless the country is developed, there could be no peace,” he said adding that NRNS are keen to invest in the country’s hydro power, road, education and health sectors. Mahato clarified that he was interested in the economical development rather than political.

The first president

of NRNA, Mahato complained that the government has not been able to create an investor-friendly environment for NRNs. He added that large investments would pour into the country if a favourable environment was created.

He also asked the government to utilise the NRNA as its members have financial, intellectual and other experience that could help develop Nepal. NRNs have invested $300 million in economic activities and Rs 300 million in the social sector till date, according to Mahato. Speaking about the biennial NRN Global Conference — the highest policy-making body of NRNA — and its possible election, he said there would be consensus.

The fourth NRN Global Conference that is beginning from Tuesday is likely to witness the election for the post of president for the first time since its inception in 2002. Several NRNs have announced their candidacy for different posts. But Mahato ruled out the possibility of election for the post of president as according to him the global conference provides the overall guidance and the directives for the operations of the organisation which is the first of its kind of organised diaspora inthe world.

However, Ram Pratap Thapa (Germany), Bhim Udas (Lesotho) and Dev Man Hirachan (Japan) are the possible candidates for the post of president. Jiba Lamichane is eyeing the vice-presidency, Hemraj Sharma is running for general secretary and Subash Adhikari and Harihar Aryal will contest for the post of secretary. “There should be unity among the 2.55 million NRNs scattered all over the world,” Mahato added.

NRN Day observed

KATHMANDU: The government has officially declared October 11 as the NRN Day. the NRNs observed the day by offerinmg Puja at Pashupatinath temple and Swyambhunath Monastry in the Valley. Last year NRNs have celebrated NRN Day in Janakpur. The first NRN Day was celebrated in 2003. — HNS