NRNs admit their investment pace in Nepal is slow

KATHMANDU: Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) are of the opinion that it would take a little while before they start investing in Nepal.

“Though there is unified and scattered investment by NRNs, it is not to the expectations of the people and the country,” they said during a programme at Reporters’ Club here today. Some of the possible-candidates of the NRN Association (International Coordination Council) said that during the last six years of NRNA, Nepal government has addressed some of their issues.

However, there is a difference in the definition of NRN.. “According to Nepal government, those who have stayed two years in any country are NRNs while according to NRNs those with six months stay are also NRNs,” they said urging the government to recognise students studying abroad in various countries as NRNs.

The government does not recognise students as NRNs. Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) is preparing its convention in Kathmandu from October 13 to 15. The convention to be held at Soaltee Crowne Plaza will hold its ICC election. Every alternate year, NRN International Coordinating Council holds an election to elect a president, two vice-presidents, a general secretary, treasurer and secretary.

ICC has also urged all NRNA members and prospective candidates to attend the Kathmandu conference. Delegates from all the countries will be eligible to vote. This time around, 1,000 delegates are expected from 55 countries. To be eligible to vote for any NRN motion and election, one must be a member of NRN National Coordinating Council. Meanwhile, a preparation meeting between Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala and representatives of the NRN committee for the fourth global conference was held yesterday.