NRNs committed to home growth

KATHMANDU: Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN), who are committed to the nation’s development, are gearing up

for their election. There are

three possible candidates for the presidential post but all have almost similar agenda.

According to the probables

of the NRN Association Ram

Pratap Thapa (Germany), Dev Man Hirachan (Japan) and

Bhim Udhas (Lesotho), NRNs are

willing to help the nation but they are waiting for proper policy and infrastructure.

All the three probables for the post of NRNA president have more or less similar kinds of goals but they seemed unclear about the implications. During a press meet organised by the Society of Economic Journalists of Nepal (SEJON) today, Thapa said that though there is an NRN regulation still there should be some necessary changes made and also the dual citizenship issue is still pending though its draft has been prepared. “As the number of NRNs is increasing, the NRNs themselves are very positive about making national level investments as well setting up a national fund,” said Thapa.

Udas talked about NRN savings accounts to be established with the permission of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) where NRNs can make 10 per cent savings account on an average that can be used in terms of mutual funds and the transferred amount can be used in national level mega projects and investments. Udas said they want to participate in the nation’s development and that even some banks are willing to cooperate with them. He added that what they need is government support.

Meanwhile, talking about the new leadership, Hirachan said that they are trying to go with mutual agreement and understanding. For this, a nine-member committee has been formed.

He also said the association

is a non-political one with no

political affiliations. Udas

said he was trying to focus on successive leadership planning so that any disputes regarding leadership can be avoided.

The Non-Resident Nepalese fourth global conference is begining on October 13. The conference has been jointly organised by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce

and Industry (FNCCI), and NRNA. The three-day long conference in 10 different sessions will discuss the global economic crisis, foreign employment, remittance its opportunities and threats, role of NRNs in the constitution, possibilities of investment and business in Nepal.

During the conference there will be special addresses by

representatives of different

political parties also, read an NRNA statement. The conference will have the participation of

over 500 representatives from

55 different countries.