NST to soft launch GSM Sim cards

KATHMANDU: Nepal Satellite Telecom (NST) Pvt Ltd is set to soft launch its GSM sim cards. According to the company, NST under Nepal Telecommunication

Authority (NTA) will soon provide its voice and data services. NST will start services from September 24.

For the operation of telephone service, all the required system, accessories, main core system, base station sub-system and solar system has been completed. The NST telecom service will also start its services in 273 village development committee areas. Mukti Shree Telecom (Nepal), Sewa Telecom Pvt Ltd (Bangladesh), Pakistan Mobile Communication (Pakistan) and Air Bell Company (Cyprus) are to be the major investors.

“NST will be starting its services in unprofitable areas. That is the reason why it is getting more facilities compared to others,” said Ananda Raj Khanal, director at NTA. Khanal also said NST has Basic Telecommunication Service license under which it has license for limited mobility service only along with landline.

According to Khanal, NST got its licence on February 17, 2008 and will have to start its services in the Mid western region, after that in the Far Western Region and Western region and only then bring its service to Kathmandu Valley.

The company has a total investment of $25 million and Nabil Bank and NIBL are allowing credit facilitation to the company. It is also planning to bring international gateway, CDMA and landline PSTN services in near future. The company will grant employment to 160 national and international level telecom experts.