Only 6,000 will pass KLT: MoLTM

Kathmandu, April 1:

Only 6,000 will pass the Korean Language Test (KLT) — a first step in the process of getting jobs in South Korea under employment permit system (EPS) — that they have appeared on Saturday and Sunday. “A total of 31,511 job-aspirant had applied for the KLT but only 31,175 appeared in the exam,” informed Shyam Prasad Mainali, secretary at the Ministry of Labour and Transport Management (MoLTM).

Unlike earlier announcement that students need to get 120 in total in written as well as listening and reading test; students, now, need to score only 80. “However, the 6,000 students will be selected from the merit list. But the exam will be valid for two years,” he said, adding that among the passed 6,000 also, only 5,500 will get a chance to go to South Korea, where they will be paid no less than $900 salary excluding lodging, fooding and medical expenses.

“A total cost for the whole process doesnot exceed $970 (around Rs 63,050) that includes $17 for the test that they have already paid and tickets,” he said.

The passed 6,000 will have to send their CV, police report and medical report to the employer. “They should have also not been deported from Korea earlier,” Mainali added. “Once their visa is confirmed, government will provide them with preliminary training.”

The KLT-EPS exam was jointly arranged by EPS section of DoLEP and the Human Resource Department of Korea but conducted by the Tribhuvan University (TU). However, the Korean HRD officials will take the answer sheets back to Korea for final marking and the results will be announced later.

South Korea has emerged as the most preferred destination for Nepali jobseekers because of better earnings and cheaper initial cost to get job under EPS.

Nepal and South Korea had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in July last year.

The accord has set proficiency of the Korean language as a major condition of eligibility for employment in South Korea.