Over 100 cargo vehicles including 18 fuel tankers enter Nepal via Sunauli border point

NAWALPARASI: More than 100 cargo vehicles including 18 fuel tankers entered Nepal via the Indo-Nepal border point of Sunauli in Raupandehi, on Thursday.

Rupandehi Chief District Officer Bishnu Prasad Dhakal said eight tankers of petrol, six tankers of diesel, two tankers of kerosene and two bullets of liquefied petroleum (cooking) gas entered Nepal, as of 6 pm today.

Transportation of any vehicle was virtually shut through the point for few days before Indian and Nepali officials agreed to resume customs operation on Wednesday.

To resolve the blockade at the customs point, CDO Dhakal and DM Sunil Shrivastav of Maharajgunj of India held talks at Bhairahawa customs today.

“The vehicles were released following talks today. We agreed to increase the number of vehicles entering the country from tomorrow,” said Dhakal.

Earlier, after India showed reluctance at the customs in releasing the fuel-ferrying tankers, the customs office of Belhiya had also followed suit, permitting almost no vehicle to pass into Nepal.

Meanwhile, the scarcity of  petroleum products has led to black marketing in Nawalparasi of late.

Hari Bastola of Kawasoti said petrol is being sold outside petrol pumps at Rs 250 to 300 per litre. People on the border are buying petrol from India and selling it to traders in Bardaghat, Parasi, Sunawal, Kawasoti, Arunkhola and Pragatinagar.

Protesting cadres of Madhes-based parties have not held any protest at the border point in Sunauli since Tuesday.