Paddy production up in eastern region

Biratnagar, November 18:

Paddy production has increased by 10 per cent or 20,9,315 metric tonnes this year in comparison to last year in the eastern region.

Timely rainfall and easy availability of seeds and fertilizers are said to be the major reasons behind the increase in paddy production this year. According to the Eastern Regional Agriculture Directorate (ERAD), the production of paddy is satisfactory this year. Jagannath Mahaseth, director at ERAD said that 14,060,56 metric tonnes of paddy was produced in the eastern region this year. The production last year was 12,967,41 metric tonnes only.

As there was timely rainfall, farmers planted paddy in 5,21,705 sq-km of land in the eastern region, however, paddy was planted in 5,14,561 sq-km of land last year.

The production of paddy is enough for the region for this year, according to the ERAD said. “Among 16 districts in the eastern region, the largest production of paddy is recorded in Jhapa and Sunsari districts,” Mahaseth said.

Of total areas of 28,45,600 sq-km of the eastern region, the arable land is only 94,6000 sq-km.

Meanwhile, the ERAD is also going to introduce various programmes to encourage farmers towards wheat farming this year.

“It is busy in making necessary coordination to provide seeds and fertilizers to farmers in connection with the programme,” Mahaseth added.