Parsa farmers take organic path

BIRGUNJ: Seeing that chemical fertilizer is reducing the fertility of soil, farmers in Parsa district have started

resorting to using organic fertilizer for low cost, environmental friendly and healthy farming factors.

Many farmers are now aware of the importance of organic fertilizer and its

nutritional value as they have witnessed bumper crop yields and booming sales of their produce.

Organic fertilizer is now making its way into the fields in the remote eastern parts of the district.

Locals there are producing compost fertilizer from the dung of cows, buffaloes and goats.

The organic fertilizer is popular among most of the farmers and it is more in demand than chemical fertilizers, said a farmer of Thori VDC, Ram Prasad Dhungana. Earlier, farmers were using chemical fertilizer and paying high prices for it. However, once they started using organic fertilizer the production increased, Dhungana said.

Agriculture experts say organic agriculture is an environment-friendly farming system that ensures care, balance and sustainability of the eco-system.