Kathmandu, January 12:

Professional Computer System P Ltd (PCS), on the occasion of its 17 successful years in the field of software development and ICT consultancy service in Nepal, has launched four software solutions such as BankPlus, SharePlus, HospitalPlus and Mobile solutions in the market.

BankPlus, according to PCS, is a secure, efficient, reliable and integrated solution for banks and financial institutions. BankPlus has all functionalities that were required by a modern commercial bank in this information age.

Shareplus, is a complete share registration solution and has already been implemented in 50 public limited corporate institutions in Nepal. Similarly, HospitalPlus is a complete solution for hospital management.

Mobile Banking, a solution for banking had been recently launched by PCs for Lumbini Bank Ltd which can also be implemented in other banks and financial institutions. Mobile solutions can also be applied in various other areas such as mobile shopping and SMS polling.

While speaking at the software products launching ceremony, Suresh K Regmi, managing director of the company said that “PCS is an institution that has started functioning with four ICT professionals dedicated to produce a solution for Devanagari data processing in DOS based IMB compatible micro-computers.”