Pepsi brings Meet the Dream Team campaign

Kathmandu, May 7:

Soft drinks major PepsiCo represented by Varun Beverages Ltd in Nepal launched an ad campaign ‘Meet the Dream Team’ here today.

To take part in the campaign, viewers need to watch TV ads and answer the ‘qu-estion of the week’ by sending an SMS from Nepal Telecom or Mero Mobile.

The company claims the campaign to be unique as it engages not just Pepsi consumers but all TV viewers. For the first time, people do not need to buy the product to participate in the campaign and win prizes.

Besides the whopping one lakh cash prize each for five consecutive weeks, a bumper lucky draw at the end takes the winner on an all-expense paid trip to Barcelona to spend three days with two star footballers, Thiery Henry and Leo Messy.

All the winners will also get a chance to feature in the Pepsi advertisement.