Pesticide found in tea

Ilam, July 13:

The prospect of tea export to Europe has met with a setback this year as well with a tea sample having been sent to Europe by a tea factory in Ilam has been found to contain pesticide.

According to the manager of Fikkal based Small Tea Producers’ Pvt Ltd Punam Bantawa, the report sent from Europe stated that the sample contained pesticides harmful to human health. He said, “After a laboratory test, they declined to buy tea produced here.”

The international market for orthodox tea produced in Ilam has been in crisis since the German Tea Council and European Tea Committee set up the standard for pesticide level in November, 2003.

“We could not match the pesticide level standard. Only few people venture to send samples for laboratory tests in Europe as it costs hundreds of thousands of rupees”, manager of Ilam Tea Producers’ Pvt Ltd, Hari Timsina said.

Manager of Small Tea Producers’ Pvt Ltd Bantawa said he was stunned to have the

report state that the sample contained pesticides even after the code of conduct was followed.