Himalayan News Service

Phidim, March 1,

Just as the weather turned from shivering cold to comparative warmth, domestic tourists have started arriving in greater numbers at Khewatham river, where they also indulge in fishing.

This river holds many fishes and also has three falls joining it. It is usual for tourist numbers to rise here, especially during this time of the year. Purna Bahadur Rai of Memeng-5 informed that most people fish during the months of Chaitra and Falgun. He said that the

water is diverted to catch fish and locals compete with each other in this pursuit. Around 130 families in Memeng VDCs 5 and 9 sell dried fish. The three waterfalls are located around 500 metres apart and keep crashing into the river the whole year round. The river water is clean, luring tourists from both inside and outside the country. The falls are 503, 350 and 200 feet long. According to religious believes, son of Kunti kicked a pond and the water fell down from

three places, which are the three falls now. These falls are important also from biological, environmental and tourism point of view. Many types of birds and animals could be seen roaming around the riverbank and many herbs as well as rare trees are also found, local people say.

Man Bir Rai, ex-chairman of the Memeng VDC, said that during his tenure, he had tried to produce electricity from these waterfalls. A group from Nepal Electricity Authority had then said that electricity produced from these waterfalls could be enough to distribute in Prangbung, Sindin, Ektin and Memeng VDCs.

Bam Bahadur Yongya, president of Paanchthar District Development Committee, said that the DDC has been planning to bring in extra budget for the promotion of the river and the waterfalls.