Himalayan News Service

Ilam, May 21:

Saraswati Thakuri makes baskets out of plastics and is earning well. Plastics from noodles, biscuits and tea wrappings make an array of colour on baskets. The baskets made from waste plastics are not only strong but are also a good source of income on a very low investment, Thakuri said.

More and more women are trying their hand in this art. Women are seen collecting plastics from the road. They have even asked for a collective collection of plastics from hotels and restaurants. Environment watchers feel that this has at least cut down plastic waste in the district.

The Women Awareness Association of Ilam has also given a seven-day long training on basket knitting from plastic. The training was participated in by 10 women, who all felt that this has left a positive effect. Bishnu Dahal, chairman of the association, said that women who participated in the training have to compulsorily knit 200 baskets and bring it to the association. The association would buy them for appropriate prices and send them to different places as models for market promotion.