Political interference marred hydro development, says MoE Secy

KATHMANDU: Secretary at the Ministry of Energy, Rajendra Kishore Kshatri, has said development in Nepal's hydropower sector could not take place as expected due to unnecessary political interference in the sector.

Responding to the queries raised by the members of Parliament in a meeting organised by the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee of the Legislature-Parliament today, Kshatri said that political interference ranging from the changes in programmes and policies right after the change of concerned minister to appointment of the minister's loyal people in various projects, have made the matter worse.

The official said that failure of the concerned minister to seek primary solutions to improve energy sector of Nepal is another matter of concern.

On the occasion, lawmakers attending the meeting urged concerned authorities to work ahead for the development and expansion of energy sector even by imposing energy a state of emergency.They said such a move for sustainable development of energy sector should be taken at the political level, if necessary.

The MPs including Laxmi Prasad Pokharel, Dilli Prasad Kafle, Nawaraj Sharma and Kashinath Adhikari stressed on the need to focus on the matter and to pay heed on coming with the hydropower sector as an alternative to meet increasing demands of petroleum products in Nepal.