Poultry prices go up

Bardiya, May 21:

Price of chicken has gone up after the ban on import of poultry products from India due to bird flu threat recently.

Price of broiler chicken has gone up by Rs 40 to Rs 180 per kg. The price of egg has also gone up to six rupees per piece. Price of local chicken has gone up by Rs 20 to Rs 170 per kg.

Meat Entrepreneurs’ Association (MEA) president Gurudutt Sharma said there is a shortage of chicken in the market. Meanwhile, district livestock services office and district natural disaster relief committee have jointly launched awareness campaign, specially in villages bordering with India.

Security men at border points have been kept on high alert to prevent entry of poultry products from India. Poultry entrepreneurs, animal health workers and journalists have also been asked to adopt cautions.

Unlike the current price rise, earlier, when the threat of bird-flu used to spread, the price of chicken used to go down. The ban on imports of chicken and eggs had, this time, pushed the price of chicken up.