Price of vegetables soars on short-supply, fruits stable

Kathmandu, April 30

Short-supply of vegetables due to drop in production across the country because of lack of rainfall raised the retail price of vegetables in the week of April 24 to 30, drilling a hole in the pockets of Kathmandu denizens.

As per the price list published by the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetables Market Development Board (KFVMDB), the retail price of red potatoes rose by seven rupees per kg to Rs 45 a kg, while that of white potatoes went up by two rupees per kg to Rs 35 a kg, respectively, over the week.

Meanwhile, the price of tomatoes soared by 22.22 per cent to Rs 55 per kg. Similarly, the price of cabbage shot up by Rs 20 or a whopping 85.71 per cent to Rs 55 a kg in the week. The price of local cauliflower also climbed up by 13.33 per cent to Rs 85 a kg.

However, the price of bitter gourd (karela) and pointed gourd (parwal) remained stable at Rs 95 and Rs 75 per kg, respectively, as per KFVMDB. After a rise of an eye-watering 28.57 per cent in the previous week, the price of dry onion remained stable this time around at Rs 45.

“The prices of most vegetables have increased due to the drop in the inflow to the Kathmandu Valley,” explained Shanta Koirala, a wholesale trader at KFVMDB.

Lack of rainfall across the country has adversely affected vegetable production and as a result there is a lower supply of vegetables in the market. “We have been buying vegetables like tomatoes, cabbage and cauliflower from farmers in Dhading, Bhaktapur and Chitwan and these areas have been undergoing an extreme dry spell, which has affected supply as well.”

Meanwhile, the price of most fruits remained stable in the last eight days.

Apple is priced at Rs 115 per kg, pomegranate at Rs 215 per kg, mango at Rs 145 per kg, water melons at Rs 33 a kg and sweet oranges at Rs 135 per kg. However, the price of bananas fell 8.70 per cent to Rs 105 per dozen and grapes dropped 20.69 per cent to Rs 115.