Private sector supports new development

Kathmandu, January 16:

The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) has welcomed the promulgation of interim constitution and the formation of the interim legislature.

Issuing a press release today, FNCCI said that the latest developments in the country are significant milestones in Nepal’s progress towards a new political era, which will be characterised by peace, stability and economic development.

FNCCI has also thanked all the concerned parties including the Nepal government, seven political party alliance and CPN-Maoists as well as the civic society, human rights activities, UN and many others who have direct or indirect contribution in making a grand happening in the history of Nepal.

With the latest development, the country has now entered into a new phase of creating a new Nepal, which would promote the private sector’s role in socio-economic transformation as well as ensure better environment for trade, commerce and industry, says FNCCI. It has also stated that the Nepali private sector is ready to join hands in making the country economically prosperous, developed and peaceful.

FNCCI has also expressed that the provisions mentioned in the interim constitution would be fully implemented and would be instrumental in bringing about a new economic revolution in the country.

Meanwhile, the Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has also welcomed the promulgation of the interim constitution.