Private vehicles in Kathmandu Valley to get petrol on Tuesday

KATHMANDU: In a bid to ease off vehicular mobility in view of upcoming Dashain festival, Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) will distribute petrol and diesel on ration for private vehicles too in Kathmandu Valley on Tuesday.

A total of 125 petrol stations in the Valley will provide five litres and 15 literes of petrol to two-wheelers and four-wheelers respectively from 12:00 pm, according to Shiva Prasad Tripathi, Under-Secretary at the Ministry for Commerce and Supplies.

The consumers have to take their bill books to get the fuel, shared Under-Secretary Tripathi.

The NOC had ceased providing oil to the private vehicles following the unannounced blockade imposed by India on Nepal for some two weeks, resulting in a widespread shortage of fuel.

In a normal day, the daily consumption of petrol and diesel in Kathmandu Valley stands at around 350,000 litres and 450,000 litres respectively.

The NOC had been providing 15 litres of fuel to microbus, 20 to minibus and 30 to buses after the even/odd number plate system was launched.

The NOC has to import around 4,000 kilo litres of petroleum products on a daily basis for the easy and smooth supply of fuel for the vehicles in the country.