Protest against petro price hike

Kathmandu, October 26:

Six organisations — Nepal Progressive Trade Union Federation, Nepal Progressive Cultural Federation, Nepal Progressive Youth Federation, Nepal Progessive Student Federation, Nepal Progressive Women’s Federation and Nepal Progressive Peasants’ Federation — have jointly issued press statement protesting hike in prices of petroleum products including cooking gas, kerosene, and diesel during Dashain and Tihar festival after a long spell of artificial shortage.

In the statement, they claimed that the price hike has affected majority of poor people and households. They have demanded to withdraw such anti-people decision.

They have also demanded to reduce petroleum taxes as well as adopt an alternative and immediate and long-term concrete measures in order to provide relief to the people.

Emphasising that widespread corruption and overstaffing in Nepal Oil Corporation, leakage of petroleum products, have negative impacts on people that should be taken care of.