Repair of TMHPP halted

Ilam, May 11:

Repair work at Triveni Micro Hydro Power Project (TMHPP), which was damaged nearly a month ago, could not be conducted due to lack of budget.

433 families in Mabu and Maimajhuwa VDC have been deprived of electricity because of the damage to the power project. The project has a capacity of 50 KW.

The LC Box, MCB and some other machines in the project have been damaged. Similarly, electricity poles in the project have also been ruined by the recent windstorm. Technician Jeet Bahadur Rai said at least Rs 300,000 would be required for the repair of the project. However, the Project Users’ Committee, which has been managing the project, lacks the required amount.

“The committee already has a debt of Rs 2.2 million. From where would we gather the required sum of money?” secretary of the committee, Bartaman Gurung said.

The TMHPP was constructed in 2002 with financial contribution from government and users and initiatives from Namsaling Community Development Centre. The responsibility of managing the project was given to the users committee after the construction.

The users complained that the project has been damaged time and again due to the negligence of the contractor, AG Power Company while constructing the project.