Rice, oil prices abreast of meat, poultry

KATHMANDU: Meat prices aren’t the only ones going into skyrocketing mode. Compared to last year, the prices of rice and oil have also gone up hugely.

Sona Mansuli, the most consumed type of rice that used to cost Rs 23 a kg now fluctuates between Rs 27 to Rs 30 per kg. “It has become expensive. Since the last two months or so, I am seeing an oscillation in the price of this brand of rice and of others also,” said Raj Man of Sada Traders at New Road.

Basmati rice, which had escalated to Rs 80-90 per kg last month is now priced at Rs 70-77 per kg. “Basmati has always been priced much higher than other types of rice. So, with the growth in inflation its

price is bound to rise, but it is a few rupees cheaper than what it was a month back,” said Ajay Agarwal.

Oil prices have also risen as compared to last year. The month of April saw soybean oil at a high of Rs 110 per litre as compared to last year’s Rs 65. Currently, soybean oil is fluctuating between Rs 90 to Rs 95 per kg. Sunflower oil is at a high of Rs 145 per litre. It was at Rs 125 per litre in April. However, some shops are selling sunflower oil at Rs 145 per litre now.

Mustard oil, on the other hand, is more or less the same as last year. It saw a hike in April where it was being priced at Rs 140. Currently, it is selling at Rs 120 per litre.