Roads render mule owners jobless

Syangja, August 26:

Mule owners are facing hard time due to construction of road in Syangja district. Mules were the only source of transportation vis-a-vis income of many, before the construction of roads in the district.

About 600-km road, including rural and agriculture road, is constructed through different Village Development Committees (VDCs) of Syangja district. Lekh Bahadur Nepali, a mule owner at Kolma, Baraha Chaur said, he is facing tough time after the construction of roads from Pragati Nagar to Raipur, Tanahu.

“Earlier, 25 to 30 mules used to transport construction goods and foods on this route. And he used to earn a decent living.” Like Nepali, another mule owner, Kedar Shrestha of Barah Chaur, Gokarna Bhattarai and Bed Prasad Bhattarai of Raipur, Surya Prasad Shrestha and Arjun Shrestha of Saldada, Gum Bahadur Rana of Orasta, Singa Bahadur Rana of Syale and Som Bahadur Shah of Satau are also facing a hard time. There were many mule owners in Syangja district and they used to earn decently. The construction of road has now compelled Bal Krishna Aryal of Dhurkot to go Terai in search of alternative job.

The mule owners are planning to begin a campaign to protect their right to employment.