Rolling in

Jaguar Sports Coupe:

Jaguar’s beautiful Advanced Lightweight Coupe, likely to be the replacement for the XK8, will be one of the stars of the Detroit Motor Show this year. Taut body architecture gives it a strong sense of visual energy. It is muscular without being over the top — a naturally honed athlete. Clearly echoing famous Jaguar sports cars of the past, the new car is far more than retro.

Spare but stunning, it’s a characteristically powerful feline form, with finely balanced proportions, from a long sinuous hood, through a smoothly tapered roofline to its strong muscular haunches. Notable details include the broad oval grille, chainlink centralised tailpipe, teardrop shaped rear light fittings with inset circular tail lights, a thin silver strip across the tail bearing the legend Jaguar, and vertical air vents set forward of the doors. The aluminium construction gives the car a bodyshell 40 per cent lighter and 60 per cent stiffer than conventional steel architecture. The stiffness and precision that the technologies developed for the new XJ offer great benefits in a pure sports car.

Fitted with a V8 engine, the car is claimed to be capable of 0-60 mph in under five seconds, and a maximum speed exceeding 180 mph. It will also benefit from Jaguars CATS system (Computer Active Technology Suspension), Adaptive Cruise Control, and Active Restraint Technology System.

Audi’s Quattro concept:

Audi has launched a unique crossover vehicle at the Detroit Motor Show, the new all-road Quattro concept, which is due for production. It comes with a number of high-tech gizmos and innovative features. Including the world first “Audi road vision”, as well as “lane assist” and “side assist”, the new technologies featured in the all-road Quattro concept are designed to keep the driver and passengers safe under all road conditions. The car shares design cues with the Audi A6 Avant but it also features functional elements of an off-roader. The powerful engine, permanent Quattro all-wheel drive and highly advanced suspension are features quite natural on an Audi of this calibre.

Furthermore the car comes with a brand-new 4-litre TDI engine. It boasts common rail fuel injection and piezo injectors which makes its, according to Audi, the world’s “most powerful and advanced” eight-cylinder self-ignition engine. Maximum output of 210 kw and peak torque of 650 Nm ensure the muscle and performance of a thoroughbred sports car. The six-speed automatic transmission means the all-road Quattro concept accelerates to 100 km per hr in just 6.4 seconds, with top speed limited electronically to 250 km per hour.