Car of 2005

LOS ANGELES: The Aston Martin DB9, a $155,000 British gas-guzzler with a restless V-12 engine that kicks it up to 186 mph (297 kph), is Robb Report’s 2005 car of the year.

Selected from a field of 13 sports cars, luxury coupes and SUVs, the Aston Martin DB9 earned first place among editors for the luxury lifestyle magazine. The 6.0-litre, 450 horsepower engine, which gets 5 km per liter, positions the Aston Martin as ‘probably the only car capable of threatening the performance and emotional allure of anything from Ferrari’. The February issue of Robb Report features the car of the year winner presented annually to an automobile with technical designs, styling and performance that position it as the pre-eminent sports or luxury car.


By making update after update, Subaru has managed to bring an air of refinement to the Forester that, despite its looks, makes it quite appealing. And despite coming from Japan, it’s not a cookie-cutter machine. It is perhaps the best example of what a Subaru can be: a different-looking car... er... wagon... er... SUV... (oh, whatever! It’s a vehicle with a can-do attitude.

Toyota Sequoia

Built on the massive Toyota Tundra pickup chassis, the Sequoia adds an sport unility vehicle (SUV) body that emphasizes luxury, particularly in the limited series. For the year 2005 the vehicle offers more V-8 power, also includes a five-speed automatic plus roll-sensors, a system designed to help reduce the chances of rolling over in extreme situations. And a real part-time four wheel-drive features shift-on-the-fly.