Rs 262m allocated for VNY campaign promotion

Kathmandu, November 30

The Visit Nepal Year (VNY) 2020 secretariat has been allocated a total of Rs 262 million for promotional activities. Of the total budget of Rs 617 million for the VNY campaign, the highest amount of budget has been allotted for promotional activities of the campaign.

Out of the total budget allocated for promotional activities, the secretariat has separated Rs 40 million for organising or participating in road shows, sales missions and tourism festivals.

The aforementioned events will be organised in India, China, Europe, South East Asia, Australia and America in association with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the private sector. Furthermore, the budget allotted for promotional activities will also be utilised for stakeholders to participate in travel and tourism fairs and sales missions being organised in aforementioned countries.

Meanwhile, Rs 25 million has been allocated for promotional activities that will be organised abroad in association with Nepali embassies based in foreign countries and non-resident Nepalis (NRNs) residing in the respective countries. Likewise, Rs 35 million has been allotted for promotion and branding of VNY campaign. The promotion and branding of the campaign will be carried out in association with governmental and non-governmental organisations, private sector and airline companies.

The VNY 2020 secretariat will also work with foreign diplomatic missions, United Nations and international development agencies based in Nepal for the promotion of the campaign within and outside the country. The secretariat has allocated Rs 10 million for promotional activities being organised along with international organisations.

Meanwhile, Rs five million has been segregated for activities that will be organised in cooperation with Nepali Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force.

For activities that will be organised in cooperation with cultural organisations, Rs five million has been allocated under which the secretariat will be arranging dance, arts, literary, music, drama and other cultural activities within the country and abroad to promote the campaign. Under the title youth mobilisation, the secretariat has allocated Rs five million.

The VNY secretariat has allocated Rs 40 million for production of promotional materials such as posters, booklets, brochures, coat pins, diaries, pens, VIP souvenirs and calendars of the events related with VNY 2020 and branding of Nepal.

Meanwhile, Rs 40 million has been allotted for digital marketing and consumer promotion.

Under this title VNY secretariat will be operating social networking sites, web portals and mobile applications along with utilising national and international media for the campaign promotion.

Amidst this, Rs 10 million has been allotted for national and international celebrities, bloggers and media FAM trips in association with tour operators.

For the domestic promotion of the campaign the secretariat will spend Rs 10 million, under which media tours will be held and hoarding boards and posters will be set up at strategic locations.

For promotional activities in India and China, the VNY secretariat has allocated Rs 20 million and Rs 10 million, respectively. Likewise, Rs six million has been allocated for diplomats’ conferences that will be organised in South East Asia and Middle East Asia while Rs 1.5 million has been separated for writing, designing, publishing and distributing newsletters of the campaign.