SAMA garners warmth and appreciation

Kathmandu, October 24

Located at stand H4.F98 in the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019 — an international book fair held in Frankfurt, Germany — was Nepal’s biggest, fastest and the most dependable printing house — SAMA Printers Pvt Ltd.

SAMA, the first company of its kind to represent Nepal in the global event, had long prepared to project the best in the event. The CEO, Sanat Neupane, along with the Chief Printing Officer, Atul Pandey, were determined to reflect the true colours of Nepal, its potential and its stance on the future of printing sector in and beyond the country’s territory.

“Participating in the book fair was not an ad hoc event but a strategic move for us to explore and make a mark in exports as Nepal has the potential to thrive in the printing sector,”

Neupane has been quoted as saying in a media release.

According to him, SAMA’s stall received over 700 footfalls, and over 100 inquiries from 17 different countries.

“A lot of people would just stop by after recognising Nepal’s flag and would really appreciate our participation.

Their encouraging words have not just doubled our faith in our company, but our country as a whole in terms of how much we are capable to deliver. This event has acted as a propeller for us to participate in more international events and we shall present and become better with each event we participate in.”

With the theme ‘Greetings from the Himalayas’, SAMA was able to radiate Nepal’s warmth and capture the attention of visitors and passerby. But in the end, according to Neupane, it was the visitors who radiated abundant warmth as they replied, ‘Greetings to the Himalayas’.

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019 is the world’s capital for print and digital content business. The global hub for publishing experts and cultural enthusiasts enables a ground for networking, negotiations and celebrations.

This year’s event was extensive and hosted participants from varying creative fields apart from publishing and printing.

Along with the book fair, there were culinary, and cosplay programmes, tech events where eye-catching ideas were on display. This year alone it attracted 302,267 visitors and 7,450 exhibitors from 104 countries.