School running kitchen garden

DADELDHURA: A school here has started vegetable cultivation to meet the culinary needs of the students staying in the school hostel.

Bhuvaneshwari Higher Secondary School at local Badabasantapur is growing vegetables in the school kitchen garden. The school premises is lush with many mango trees and banana plants. Potato grown in the school garden also is better than that grown by commercial farmers. “We have cultivated potato as a winter crop. We plant vegetables on the open land on the school premises to supplement the vegetable needs of students staying in the hostel,” said school principal Yagyaraj Upreti.

He said both teachers and students are involved in vegetable cultivation and weeding the plants. The vegetables grown by the school is supplied to students and teachers. It is now four years since the school started vegetable cultivation on its premises. It grows potato, onion, lettuce, radish and other vegetables.