KATHMANDU; Securities Board of Nepal (Sebon) has asked the people not to fall prey to rumours while transacting shares. Currently, Nepse index is gradually decreasing. As a result, rumours are rife about companies and their shares. Investors should not take the decision regarding buying or selling of shares based on rumours and guesswork, Sebon said. The Nepse index also depends on information circulated about listed companies along with the capital market’s growth and the country’s economic condition. A Sebon statement on Wednesday read that condition of financial institutions and initiatives taken by the capital market towards improvement show that the present situation can not be considered ‘hopeless’. Thus, people should not be discouraged into selling shares hastily, it said, adding that it is working for capital market expansion along with the government and Nepal Stock Exchange. Sebon further added that it is hopeful about protecting investors’ interests and is working to that ends.