Shops selling low quality stuff

KATHMANDU: When festivals like Tihar and Chhat draw near, the problem of food adulteration increases tremendously in the market. A food inspection team, led by the vice-secretary of the finance department Tika Prashad Bhandari revealed that food adulteration process intensifies during the festive seasons.

The team inspected various shops at Lagankhel, and discovered four sweets shops and one meat shop selling low quality products. These shops were selling stale and rotten sweets that were destroyed during the inspection.

In addition, some of the meat shops like ‘ Subha fresh meat house’ were found to be selling 95 packets of sausages without labels. These packets were sealed and handed over to the Department of Animal Service (Pashu Sewa Karyalaya) Lalitpur.

Along with it, the inspection

team directed the shop owners

to maintain the quality of food

products in future.

The owners were told to

keep cooking places and utensils clean in order to prevent diseases. The inspection team also directed them to use clean water, as the

water used in these hotels was found to be highly contaminated.

With rampant adulteration,

the sufferer is the common man

and woman who are cheated by

the shopkeepers all the time. There

is a need for regular monitoring

in order to maintain the quality of food and there should be provisions of strict punishment for these kinds of crimes.

The inspection team included Nepal food corporation-Lalitpur

and representatives of Lalitpur