Shortage of wheat hurts mills

Rupandehi, July 31:

Wheat mills in the country are severely hit after the government decided to allow export of wheat to Bangladesh, said Wheat Flour Producers’ Association, Rupandehi, at the press conference here today.

Nanda Lal Goenka, president of the association said that national industries are facing acute shortage of wheat as export to Bangladesh has increased in recent days. “The industries producing wheat flour, loaf, noodles, biscuit and animal fodder are directly affected,” he said adding that the price has shot up to Rs 1,800 per 40-kg of wheat flour from Rs 1,500 within just two weeks.

The industrialists said that the government’s decision was ‘ill-timed’ as the industries in the country were not operating in their full capacity due to lack of raw materials - wheat.

“Due to the shortage, India has also stopped exporting wheat since last January,” they added. The association said that Nepal at present has 19 flour mills and Rupandehi alone has six of them. It was also said that 50 per cent of country’s total demands were fulfilled by the mills

in Rupandehi.

“We urge the government to stop the export of wheat immediately and smoothen the production and distribution system of the national industries. We also draw the government’s attention to check prices of the goods related to it,” the association said.