SNPL to revise tariff rates

Kathmandu, September 7:

Spice Nepal Pvt Ltd (SNPL), the new private cellular mobile operator, is planning to submit new tariff rates for its cellular mobile phone service ‘Mero Mobile’ to Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) after the resolution of interconnection issue with Nepal Telecom. Issuing a press release, SNPL clarified that the current tariff rates approved by NTA recently was submitted on April 13. “Since that moment, Nepal Telecom has substantially reduced its tariff rates. But if we compare SNPL’s approved tariffs with those of Nepal Telecom a couple of months ago, one would certainly find our tariff rates favourable.”

Even though SNPL has never intended to compete for subscribers on prices but instead concentrated on higher quality of services and range of value added services, the company will definitely revise the tariff rates to make them more competitive, adds the release.

Currently, SNPL is conducting network tests and offering its services at one paisa per minute for calls from Mero Mobile to Mero Mobile users.