KATHMANDU: BRAVIA ZX1 has been launched here.

Sony Electronics Asia Pacific has introduced BRAVIA ZX1, a stunning full HD LCD TV that will transform any living space, said Nepa Hima Trade Link.

The most striking design feature is the world’s slimmest 40-inch HD display screen, a mere 9.9mm thick. The secret of this remarkable engineering feat is Edge LED technology achieved by using side-mounted LEDs to illuminate the screen instead of the usual backlight array.

BRAVIA ZX1 imbues cool sophistication, whether it is free-standing or mounted on the wall, and thanks to ‘BRAVIA 1080 Wireless’ technology the luxury aesthetics are not obscured by wires or other devices. The innovative system utilises a high-speed wireless connection for real time transmission of HD signals to the ZX1, the company said.

BRAVIA’s image quality is outstanding. What sets it apart is superior advanced image processing technology which guarantees that even the most frenetic image sequences appear effortlessly smooth and crisp. This is due to BRAVIA’s Motionflow 100Hz technology.

Coupled with Motionflow 100Hz, its IB Reduction (Image Blur Reduction) cleans up the original signal. The combined effect is exceptional clarity and motion which always extremely convincing.