Sprucing up the house

Kathmandu, May 1

Furnishing the house is easy. Creativity and innovations are two key aspects that one needs to possess. One of the most important essentials required for interior décor are fabrics, curtains, bedsheets and any other material that you can use to accessorize your rooms.

While home decorating one has to have a clear-cut idea about the theme in order to pick the right fabrics. Bedcovers are necessary to every household. The colours and textures of the bedcovers set the mood

of the bedroom as these add the final touch to the look of a bed. They are used all around the year and include all the accessories for the bed.

Subtle variation in designs and colour gives a classical touch to bedcovers. Various patterns are formed using embroidery stitches on a plain background cloth and stitching by patchwork and appliqué. Distinct for their practicality, multitude of colours and textures and designs, the range of bedcovers available in the market offers a selection that would suit every individual’s style and accentuate the individuality of the bedroom.

Curtains are the most appreciated and widely used means of window decoration that complete the

look with their matching and coordinating fabrics and designs. Plenty of styles and fabrics are available to bring colour to a room, to block the light or to filter and soften it and achieve the decor objective that one has in mind.

Sofas can be transformed instantly with beautiful, inexpensive covers that feature super-soft fabric, great styling and soothing colour combinations. These help in protecting the sofa, making it tear resistant and solving the problem of wet, dirty or stained furniture. Sofa covers can be used all year round in all weather conditions and are perfect for redecorating, giving a completely new look.

Fabrics come in many variants. One can use silk, cotton, leather, satin, organza, organdy, and nylon, to name a few, according to your budget and needs. Inexpensive fabrics can also serve the same purpose as those that are beyond your budget. Without spending too much you can give your rooms and home the required finesse according to your style and taste.