Spurious liquor floods markets

Biratnagar, March 6:

Illegal as well as bootlegged alcohols are being freely traded in the markets of eastern region. The market for original alcohols has dropped by 30 per cent owing to the trading of illegal alcohols, said concerned businessmen’s union, executive and retailers’ union.

“Its root cause is the negligence of police administration,” said chairman of the union, Suresh Man Shrestha, adding, “Local administration is failing to arrest culprits following the suppression of information.”

The recently concluded fourth general meeting of the union in Biratnagar has decided to provide prizes for those, who informs secretly about the production of illegal and duplicate alcohols in the region. “Owing to the present situation of the nation, alcohol business has dropped by 50 per cent. Under such a condition, businessmen are facing more difficulties due to duplicate alcohols,” said Dinesh Sitaula, first vice-president of the union, adding, “Illegal as well as duplicate alcohols could mainly be found in Biratnagar, Itahari, Dharan, Kakarvitta among other markets of the eastern region.”

Following the initiation of the union, Internal Revenue Office had arrested some people (who were producing duplicate alcohols) using machines in Biratnagar, last year. They use original bottles to fill duplicate alcohols. Either original or bootlegged alcohols could be differentiated only by its cork, the union informed. Duplicate alcohols are being traded Rs 50 cheaper per bottle than the original ones.

In these activities, children and women are also involved. Urging consumers to be alert about duplicate alcohols, the unions requested them to recognise original alcohol by observing corks in bottles.