Standard Chartered rules Nepse roost

KATHMANDU: Standard Chartered bank dominated the stock market this week with Rs 40.67 million worth transactions followed by Bank of Kathmandu with Rs 39.01 million, Citizens’

Bank International with Rs 38.75 million, Nepal Bangladesh Bank with Rs 31.51 million and Kumari Bank with Rs 30.51 million.

In terms of number of share units traded

National Hydropower Company topped the chart, with 99,000-unit shares changing

hands while in terms of number of transactions Citizens Bank International topped the chart

with 882 transactions.

The secondary market this week lost

21.83 points to drop to 716.01 points from last week’s closing of 737.84 points. However, the transaction amount increased by 15.91 per cent

to reach Rs 472.82 million against last week’s

Rs 407.91 million.

The 78-scrip sensitive index sensitive index — the barometer of Group-A companies — plunged 7.31 points to 190.46 points from last week’s

closing of 197.77 points.

The shareholders of almost all the groups lost this week, pulling the float index — calculated on the basis of real transactions — down by 1.99 points to 69.16 points from last week’s closing

of 71.15 points.