Sekhar Regmi

Biratnagar, January 8

Salt Trading Corporation (STC), Biratnagar is distributing subsidised kerosene in 16 districts of eastern development region. The STC is distributing kerosene in those places where there are no kerosene pumps.

Sabal Rijal, chief of STC, said that government is distributing the kerosene from the beginning of the year becuase of the pressure from the locals. Rijal said that the STC is trying to provide kerosene to very remote areas. Currently, around 400 VDCs are getting the facility of subsidised kerosene through STC, Biratnagar.

Chandra Kant Jha of Majhare village development committe Morang said that he has started using kerosene after the easy accessibility of kerosene.

The STC has claimed to provide subsidised kerosene to 1.25 million people. However, locals also complain of the misuse of subsidised kerosene. Chief Rijal said, "Action would be taken against the dealers who are misusing subsidised kerosene." The inspection team has already taken action against 10 such defaulters.

Devi Lal Mandal, chairman of Biratnagar-7, said that subsidised kerosene has facilitated even the poors.

The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has been providing subsidised kerosene via STC according to the number of family members. Kanak Bahadur Thapa, chief of NOC, Biratnagar, said that wide distribution of subsidised kerosene has not lessened the demand of other oil dealers. The NOC has been distributing up to 42,000 litres of kerosene as per the demand. The STC has already distributed around 122 million litres of subsidised kerosene till the end of December in the eastern region. The inspection team is also monitoring the area regularly to check the irregularities.